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7 Tips For Frustration Free Travel

  • Friday, April 29, 2011
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  • Whether you are going on a short road trip or a longer trip by air, travel is always exciting. That said if you fail to plan your trip in advance you will only encounter disappointment and frustration along the way. Here are a few travel tips to make your trip as trouble free as possible.

    1. If you are taking a road trip ensure that you have a map if you are unfamiliar with the route. Although things do not always go as planned you can manage unexpected surprises with your map on hand.

    2. Any talk of bomb and terrorists are always treated seriously at airports so do not joke about them. What may seem funny to you at the time may not seem that way when you are under interrogation from airport security and police.

    3. Be very wary of people that bump into you at airports, railways or bus stations. It is not always the case but sometimes it could be a pickpocket. A pickpocket may also use tactics like spilling something on you or pointing out spots on your clothing. These methods are all employed to distract you making it easier to steal your valuables.

    4. Many cruise lines claim that their fees are all inclusive but you should still be prepared since they may not account for taxes, surcharges, tips, shore excursions, shopping etc.

    5. Before travelling to foreign destinations check the weather before you depart so that you can be suitably dressed for it.

    6. Take recent photos of your children and carry them along if they are travelling with you. Having a photo on hand will make it easier for others to assist if the child gets lost.

    7. Trips to theme parks require a lot of planning beforehand. You should have a list of all the rides and identify the ones that you will like to get on. Having a map also helps you to keep track. Finally you need to know the opening and closing times so that you can properly plan your day.


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    South Africa travel tips: Weather, getting to and around South Africa, currency and time difference

  • Sunday, March 6, 2011
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  • Travelling in South Africa is a life changing experience. Before you plan your trip ensures that you have read the following South Africa Travel tips, so you have all the information you need to make your journey a easier and more enjoyable. Find information about the weather, how to get to and around in South Africa, the time difference and currency.


    South Africa's hottest and busiest time is during UK winter months from November to March. This is also the busiest period for tourists and locals. For a cooler temperature and less busy period UK summer months of July and August is a good time to go. When I visited South Africa in July and August was mainly sunny weather and warm but not too hot as this was the best time for me to travel. It was perfect for all activities. It was nice and quiet at this time also, and this is the cheapest time to visit. I read a lot of South Africa travel tips before I traveled to ensure I travelled on the best time for me, which was July and August, as I prefer milder temperatures ensured.


    The most important airports are Johannesburg International Airport and Cape Town International. Flights usually take 12 hours. I flew from Manchester to Amsterdam to Johannesburg on the way and on his way back from Cape Town (additional 50 and extra 2 hours) to Johannesburg to Amsterdam back to Manchester. On the way in which this took about 12 hours and was all during the day so that left the first thing in the morning and got there tonight, but on the way back I spent approximately 36 hours to get home, as I had long delays between my different connections. I found the Johannesburg very busy and had actually managed to collect much more baggage than I started with, but there is space to store your luggage in the basement, so you can wait for your flight without carrying all your bags around with you.

    Getting around

    As a general guide, public transport in South Africa is not very reliable, but the roads are good, so it's easy to rent a car, or Baz Bus is a very affordable hop-on hop-off bus service for backpackers, which is an excellent way to meet like minded people. You can also order a organised tour, which also can be very economical. I used all three methods for transport during my travels. I started with an organized tour, which was a great way to make it easier for me to travel alone as you get familiar with new people really well, so I used Baz Bus and met hundreds of people all travel the same route as me, so I rented a car with 2 of the people I had been friends with on the trip. This was a great way to see South Africa by splitting the costs and have more freedom to go where we wanted to. Best South Africa Travel Tips I can give them is to make sure that you trust the people before you put yourself in vulnerable positions.

    Time Difference

    South Africa is 2 hours ahead of GMT and 1 hour in front of BST, so when I went in the summer, only I had a time difference of 1 hour. It was excellent, as it meant no jet lag!


    The South African currency is the Rand (R). At the time of writing the RAND weaker than pound, Euro and Dollar, which means that you get a lot for your money. Eat out, accommodation and top attractions will be very affordable. Credit cards can be used in most areas. I remember staying in the most beautiful hostel in Drakensburg mountains have a room to myself with gorgeous views, all of equal to about 3 per night. There are many hostel reviews online, you can read in order to decide where to stay. I ate out most nights and the quality of food was most excellent places for very little money.

    I hope these South Africa travel tips will help you plan the vacation of your dreams.

    To read a detailed blog of my trip around South Africa, and several South Africa travel tips and information, please visit


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    Top 10 Frequent Flyer Travel Tips

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  • Traveling is one of the most exciting experiences people can have. Whether travel within your own country or visiting historic sites around the world, it is important to make your journey as easy as possible. A list of the top 10 frequent flyer travel tips is an invaluable resource. The following list was gathered from power traveller such as frequent flyers and members of the crew, which was generous enough to share their knowledge.

    1. Plan early morning flights. I know this not sound like a good way to start your day, but it is a great way to start your trip. The former better as these flights are less likely to be delayed and built up congestion from city to city is greater the later in the day you travel.

    2. If it is possible to make on your bag. People who travel very bright, the waste way too much time waiting in the baggage claim for their bags. Carrying the on guarantees not the lost or damaged and you bypass the baggage claim.

    3. Sailing through airport security. Special tips to help you get through security faster is to make a Tsa approved laptop bag, select a line with experienced travellers without children or crew members, know your liquid rules and have them in an external pouch can easily be removed.

    4. Make sure you have the right amount of insurance. Travel insurance, life assurance and an appropriate health policy that will cover you your borders are important factors to make sure you have updated.

    5. Travel with sufficient additional essentials such as prescription-only medicines. Make sure you have back ups medication or spare parts glasses. You never know when you may be delayed.

    6. prepare your communications links. Please select an appropriate Internet to your laptop and an international plan of action for your mobile phone. Tariffs and roaming charges can be avoided with the correct information.

    7. don't let the jetlag be a factor. Set your schedule to match your destination, a day or two before you travel. Drink a lot of water to keep from dehydration to be a contributing factor.

    8. keep your airport stress level low. Select on-line check-in, carry on your bag, know the security hints and get is worldwide a priority pass membership for access to airport lounges.

    9. prepare your credit card and cash for foreign travel.

    10. Be a polite traveler. If you need to talk on your mobile phone please don't let the whole airport hear your conversation. Play your music, so that you are the only one who enjoys it when traveling you are an Ambassador in your country. Make sure you leave a good impression.

    This list of tips could go on for a whole chapter. These top 10 frequent flyer-travel tips to make sure you keep a smile on your face and make your traveling time a positive experience.

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    Travel Tips For packing luggage-packing tips for your vacation

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  • Before you head out on your next vacation, here are some travel tips for packing of baggage.

    If you have babies in diapers, pack an extra suitcase just with diapers. As you can use them on your turn, you may have some extra space for items that you can buy.

    Want to quickly spot colors your luggage at baggage claim, buy the most loathsome loud color, you can find. This will help you in two ways. One, you will be able to easily find your bags and two, no thinking to steal another's luggage will pick an obvious color.

    Another tip to easily find your baggage is to bind a bright tape on the handle or wrap around your bags.

    If you fly, you do not pack any sharp objects in your carry-on baggage, unless you never want to see the item again. It will be permanently donated to the airport.

    Make sure that they are who they say they are, if someone asks to take your baggage. Ask for identification. Thieves go sometimes around mimics tour guides.

    It is a good idea to put an emergency set of clothes and toiletries in your carry-on in the event that your bags are lost. But no sharp objects, do not forget.

    For example, you might not a crawler bag look geeky as opposed to a nice shoulder bag when it comes to carry-ons, but after traipsing all over the airport with your heavy bag, especially if it contains such things as a laptop or other electronics, will you be thankful for the crawler geeky carry-on!

    In an aircraft is sometimes storage area under the seats are narrower in the aisle seat. So get more storage a window seat or the Middle East.

    More travel tips for packing of baggage, try to pack only what you love. If clothes have hanging in your closet solutions for months, and you never wear them, what do you think you want to wear them on a trip? This is a mistake, I have done countless times. So stick with you love you travel lighter and actually use you take along with.

    It is worth to buy quality luggage. I know, it is tempting to cut corners by purchasing your baggage in the discount store, but in the long run it will pay for itself. You make it to the destination after destination with all your belongings intact.

    Don't forget to check with your airline for their specific weight limits for baggage. All travel tips in the world will not be useful if you packing 75 pounds of clothes in your baggage, when the weight is 50 pounds.

    Keep in mind that you usually can do some Laundry at your hotel or travel destination. This can help you pack a little lighter.

    Try to avoid wrinkles, rolling your clothes instead of folding.

    Pack some comfortable shoes, or better yet, wear them and pack plenty of comfy socks. Especially if you plan to do a lot of Walking.

    Do not forget your prescription medicines as well as a list of them, which you should keep with you.

    Do not put valuables in checked luggage if possible. Keep them with you or your carry on bags.

    I hope you can use the travel tips for your next trip and be better prepared when packing your luggage.

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    Cruise travel tips for first timers

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  • Cruise travel has got to be the most pampered way to see the world, one cocktail at a time. While the hard core of backpackers out climbing mountains and struggling third world bus systems, many people prefer to lounge on the main deck, get a tan, and get in early for dinner buffet. I have worked closely with several cruise ships specialists in my career as a travel agent and would like to offer the following cruise travel tips:

    Pack plenty of pure serviettes These hand sanitation diapers is Swiss army knife of cruising. You can use them to remove stains, rather than dealing with Laundry services. Also, if used before each meal, they can help prevent you from catching a bug report.

    Prepare to several Sun you ever trøde possible Think about it, most activities on a cruise involve exposure to the Sun. Protect yourself by bringing a broad brimmed hat, sunscreen (minimum SPF 15) and shadows, which offers 100% UV protection.

    Avoid purses and great day packs If you spend the day port, try not to swing the brand new camera or moneybelt. This makes you a destination for local pickpockets.

    Pack justThe key to good packaging is a balance between loose and too inflexible; either extreme leave you with a wardrobe full of wrinkles. Here is a little advice: pack a dryer sheet in with your clothes.

    Record-Its One of my more obscure cruise travel tips. Record-Its makes it possible to communicate with other passengers, household management and other services, guest. Leave a message inside your room to let your shipmates know where and when to meet.

    Extra bags. These are right up there with hand serviettes in usability. They are great for storing wet shoes, dirty clothes, and provides extra protection for packaging valuables.

    Finally, you can find more cruise travel tips on

    Adam Costa began his travel adventures in the age of 19, with a round the world trip across 13 countries. He has worked as a North American tour guide, running tours in Canada, Mexico and the United States, from San Francisco to Boston to Key West, Florida. Currently, he serves as a travel agency, and continue to dream of hitting the road.


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    Naxos best Travel Tips for Greek Island Beach vacations

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  • Naxos is the largest island in the Cyclades group of islands in the middle of the Aegean. The island is 18 miles in length and 12 miles wide and oval.

    It is also the most fertile, and this makes it one of the most beautiful. But it is unbroken golden sandy beaches, which attracts the majority of thousands of summer tourists that flock to Naxos each year nautical miles.

    Leisure guests, who can pull away from the beautiful beaches, Naxos offers a wealth of Greek relics as well as plenty of Byzantine and Venetian history. The island's capital, also known as Naxos, has a Venetian Fortress, as well as an ancient Greek temple to Apollo.

    This temple is usually the first things that a tourist can see when visiting Naxos by ferry because it stands proud on the tip of the island, marking the way into the busy ferry port. The temple dates back to 522 BC, but its ruinous appearance is not, because much of what has been lost to the passage of time, but rather because the enigmatic never finished building it.

    Naxos town is extremely picturesque port with a maze of whitewashed streets and corridors designed with frequent invasions from Aegean pirates in mind. Its typical Cycladic architecture blends with Venetian and each rotation invite visitors to explore.

    It is with such romantic charm and mystique somewhat wonder, Naxos has long been popular with authors and artists. Lord Byron visited in his youth and never forgotten experience, refers to it in his writings as dream island and often says that he would love to return some day.

    Naxos has 41 villages and most are worth checking out. They exist in the fertile, green valleys, which are sandwiched between robust, dry mountains. Many of these are more than 2000 feet high and the highest, Mount Zeus 3200 feet.

    Naxos island enjoys the economic rewards of being a tourist island, but it depends on them not to its prosperity. A large agriculture takes place in its rich valleys and cultivation of lemons is very successful. In addition to Naxos produces lemons, cherries, pomegranates and other fresh fruit. It also produces olives, nuts and potatoes while its grapes make some of the best of Greek wines.

    Naxos is deservedly popular with discerning tourists, but in contrast to nearby Mykonos, it is not in danger of being transformed into a mass tourism resort. What has saved from doing so is its lack of an international airport. However, there is an excellent Airport offers domestic flights and some tourists, mainly Greek tourists arriving in Naxos this way sailing from Athens. The majority of tourists arriving by ferry, however, and there is no better way to start a Greek island holiday than this. You can sail all the way from Athens, but it will take at least six hours. Or you can fly to Mykonos and get on a ferry that takes only two hours. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. We flew to Mykonos one year, only to find all ferries was reserved. Another travel tip, no matter which route you choose, is to be careful that you get the right island. The first time we visited Naxos, we heard a landing announcement and got off the ferry only to see a sign that read ' Welcome to Paros '. Fortunately, we had enough time to re-board and complete the journey to adjacent Naxos remaining minutes.

    Visit website for more travel tips and articles on Greece and other vacation destinations.

    The author is a travel article writer and co-owner of the best-travel-tips website, which aims to give travel tips and information about possible holiday vacation destinations worldwide.


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    4 Air travel tips

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  • People travelling either for work or to visit family. Here are some 4 air travel tips to make travel less, travail, especially over long distances.

    Air Travel Tips # 1-get some sleep mode: use "The Kit" to help you sleep on the plane; a series of sleeping aids you buy in advance or Grab when I board the plane. Includes: Good ear plugs, an inflatable pillow to avoid neck band (not necessary in most business class seats with ' wings '), the eye shades, comfy slippers, lip balm, facial cream, a light Zip Jacket to regulate personal body temperature, a blanket purchase order (on ben only) and cushion to the low back, take pressure off ben or to act as insulation from cold window-wall in the aircraft.

    Air Travel Tips # 2-the right seat is all. I have varied my departure from Asia on a 3 week trip by as much as 3 days to get the right seat. As all the airlines are different and have different configurations, you must go to the

    On most airlines is any seat in first class just fine. If flying business class, most transPacific airline seats in the aircraft nose window or against the bulkhead gives you more freedom to get up and out at any time, but still let you lie undisturbed, when you want to sleep. You also get worked first for all F & B and cleared up first after the meal. Some flights offer middle row bulkhead BC the same benefits.

    AVOID like the plague seats next to the toilets ... real HELL with noise and odour.

    If flying KLM or other carriers, where BC is on top, I would suggest the bulkhead, or quit the aisles.

    For the SAA is only planned, if you must fly coach, take 52 (A) or (K) ... the window seats and only 2 you, plus you have raft storage on your page to act as a shelf.

    Air Travel Tips # 3-pas, Frequent flyer hotel frequent guest and rental car numbers are printed on one sheet of paper with 4 color copies of your passport key pages on other side-by-side and place them hidden inside each bag you make. If you have even a bag left after being robbed, you can get a new passport faster. Send a copy to yourself on your Google account and never delete it also gives you access to your documents from any computer in the world. Also, you do not need to perform all these bulky map. If plans change and you take another airline or staying at another hotel, you have privliges and points you deserve. If you have a camera phone, keep a copy of all these information in your phone as well.

    Air Travel Tip # 4-faster immigration, move to line (cue) next to the Group special flight crew. If there is anyone at immigration reception, when the flight crew did not come through immigration, wave many times, there is the, in the next person from the nearest line. This can make the line closest to the Customs line move twice as fast as other lines.

    The above air travel tips can make your travel less travail.

    Michael Podolinsky offers this article on a with basis. You can print or re-post this material in its entirety, provided that resource box is left intact! Thank you for your honesty and professionalism.

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